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Welcome to the Apothecary Homepage.

apothecary n (pl apothecaries) (arch) one who prepares and dispenses medicines and drugs, a pharmacist.

- Webster's Universal Dictionary and Thesaurus (1993).

In the main, this homepage is concerned with medication, therapeutics, drugs, pharmacy, health and related topics.


      ballgred.gifPHARMACY LINKS.


      Some useful pharmacy links on the web.

      • Biopharm Magazine Internet Sites List
      • Clinical Pharmacology Links.
      • Clinical Pharmacology Online.
      • Drug Information Service.
      • Drug Management Program.
      • Essential drugs conference.
      • INRUD.
      • Internet Mental Health.
      • Lovelace Associates Links for Pharmacists.
      • MADRAC .
      • Medweb.
      • Mortar&Pestle Pharmacy Links.
      • P2-D2: the pharmacist of the future?
      • Patient Information.
      • Pediatric Pharmacotherapy.
      • Pharmacokinetics.
      • Pharmacy Life.
      • Pharmacy Mail Exchange.
      • Pharmacy Museum.
      • Pharmacy On-Line.
      • Pharmacy Related WWW Sites.
      • PharmWeb Australia.
      • PharmWeb U.K..
      • Poison Information Center.
        • Arizona Poison Page: Poison on the Web.
        • Central Texas Poison Center.
        • National Poison Center of Malaysia.
        • Poison centers in the United States.
        • Poison Control Centre database.
        • Poison Information Database.
        • Swiss Toxicological Information Center.
        • Poisonings, Bites and Envenomations.
      • Rx List: The Internet Drug Index.
      • Rx Update.
      • Virtual Library Pharmacy.
      • World Wide Drugs.

    greenball.gifHEALTH ISSUES.

    • Are you Overweight?.
    • Behavior Analysis.
    • Internet Mental Health.
      The mind is usually compared to a monkey,
      always jumping around. :-)

    • Children's Safety Network.
    • Chronotherapy.
    • EnviroLink.
    • Eyesight.
      • Snellen test chart.
    • Healthnet Australia
    • Heart.
      • Phony AHA 7-day diet!.
    • Mercury Home Page.
    • Nutrition.
    • Plants & pollution.
    • SateLife.
    • Smoking.
      • ... is an addiction.
    • The Vegetarian Pages.
    • Wellness Web.
    • World Health Organisation.
    • Your Health Daily.

    redball.gifmedsign2.gifMEDICAL RESOURCES.

    There are many useful medical resources available on the net. Here are several of the better ones.

    • CancerHelp UK.
    • Hepatitis Haven.
    • Malaysian Medical Resources.
    • MEDIC.
    • Medscape.
    • Microbial Underground.
    • Multimedia Medical Reference Libtrary.
    • Southern Medical Journal.
    • UK Med W3.
    • UW Bone and Joint Sources.
    • "Virtual" Medical Center.

    redball.gifPharmaceutical Services in Sabah........

    A very new site still at an early stage of construction.

    • Public Service.
    • Private Sector

    blueball.gifPersonal Home Pages.

    Personal Homepages of Pharmacists from around the globe.

    (Still at its neonatal stage)
    • A.
    • B.

    What is La Niña? From the website of Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
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