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pc.gifAdult Distance Education Internet Surf Shack
Include virtual U's, virtual H's, online courses, links. information, newsgroups, listservers, etc.

pc.gifAT&T Center for excellence in distance learning.
CEDL is AT&T's effort to promote distance learning, in which corpo rations and other businesses can deliver training through video technologies ...

pc.gifCyber High School.
Cyber High School is a private, college preparatory high school serving students worldwide. The instruction takes place over the Internet, using...

pc.gifDistance Education and Open Learning
This list is intended for bringing distance educators to new book titles, full text publications, conference proceedings, educational journals and other resources related to research.....

Gather your gear and embark with us on an expedition.

pc.gifNational teachers enhancement network.
... offers graduate-credit science and mathematics courses to teachers nationally. Teachers are able to participate in the telecomputing courses from convenient home or work locations by dial-up modem connections or...

pc.gifStudy guide for distance education.
Avoid making the basic mistakes in distance learning or on-line tutoring.Gather your gear and embark with us on an expedition.....

pc.gifThe internet university-college courses by computer.
This site has almost 300 individual pages of info. It is the most comprehensive source of information about online college courses available on the Internet today. This site is the companion site for the book....

pc.gifUniversity of Berkley
Enter the world of non-traditional, non-residential, alternative education....

pc.gifVirtual Online Universitynew.gif
.. to provide a quality liberal arts education to students... a virtual education environment (VEE) which, thanks to present telecommunications technology, can be accessed from anywhere on the globe at any time...


  • What is Distance Learning?
    This white paper addresses the topic of distance learning or distance education. First we will define distance learning. Then we'll identify a variety of factors that characterize a potential distance learning application. Finally, we will give some example scenarios that illustrate the promise and limitations of these methods for teaching and learning.


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