Health issues.

Health Issues.

Are you Overweight?

Use JavaScript to analyze your weight interactively!

Behavior Analysis.

Concerned about someone else's behavior (or your own). This might help.
You may, however, prefer:-

Children's Safety Network

provide resources and technical assistance to maternal and child health agencies and other organizations seeking to reduce unintentional injuries and violence to children and adolescents.


Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) is a fairly common disorder of sleep timing. People with DSPS tend to fall asleep at very late times, and also have difficulty waking up in time for normal work, school, or social needs...


May not be exactly a health-type link but, as the state of the environment usually affect the health of the general population, I include it here rather than under miscellaneous.

Should be invaluable to anybody who is concerned about the environment and the natural world.


Dr. William H. Bates was a New York Opthalmologist with some revolutionary ideas on the way refractive errors of the eye should be treated. If you have faith (in his methods), patience, and determination, you should be able to discard your glasses and see, once again, with natural vision. Here, Alex Eulenberg has set up quite a nifty web site on the subject.

Included are standard Snellen charts and an "astigmatic mirror" chart designed for monitoring (and controling) astigmatism.

Healthnet Australia

An electronic clearing house for health & human services information ...


Worried about your heart? See what the American Heart Association has to say about heart-care. Includes detailed guidelines on prevention of heart attacks, diet-wise.
And then again, you may have heard about the phony AHA 7-day diet!

Mercury Home Page

Ever thought about the possible toxicity of dental amalgam fillings? Read some views on the matter.


Many excellent links maintained by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, e.g. How to Eat 100% MORE and still lose weight! Nutrition and Aging!..

Plants & pollution.

NASA study shows that common plants help reduce indoor air pollution.


SatelLife's mission is to improve communications and exchanges of information in the fields of public health, medicine and the environment. A special emphasis is placed on areas of the world where access is limited by poor communications, economic conditions, or disasters.


It is said that, on the average, smoking one stick of cigarette reduces one's lifespan by seven minutes. Tobacco use is the single most important preventable risk to human health..., and an important cause of premature death worldwide.

Unfortunately, and not infrequently, we see otherwise "respectable" people (who can be so impressionable to the youths of today) such as community leaders, priests, doctors(!!!), smoke as freely as if they have no care for either their own health or for those who may be watching them as leaders, examples to emulate, or as role models.

Smoking is an addiction and an anti-social behaviour which needs to be eradicated as it forces other people to suffer from the carcinogenically polluted air produced by the smoker.

The Vegetarian Pages

Since the Chief Consultant Surgeon expounded on the benefits of a vegetarian diet during one clinical meeting, some of us had been looking up on this topic...e.g. this website is intended to be a definitive guide to what is available on the Internet for vegetarians, vegans and others.

Wellness Web new.gif

Wellness is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the areas of physical, social, mental and environmental well-being. In this web site we will explore what wellness is..

World Health Organisation

Includes a number of public information reports on health issues; some requires Adobe Acrobat for easy reading.

Your Health Daily.

Articles covering the latest events and progess in medicine and health; produced by the New York Times




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