Vol.1 No. 3



A smile costs nothing, but gives much....(1)

Year: 1998 Anno Domini
Month: August



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fern.gifblue_bullet.gifFrom the grapevine.

blue3.gif Education/ Family gossip:

blue2.gifcheque.jpg St. Francis Convent Primary School won again (!) the District Choral Speaking Championship for KK Primary Schools. A big congratulations to the school and especially to the Principal.

We could not trace the news report in the web although it did appear in the paper version of the Daily Express. Nonetheless you may like to see another historical achievement of the Principal and her school.

blue2.gif St. Francis Convent Secondary School won the District Choral Speaking Championship for KK Secondary Schools. A big congratulations to the school and especially to one member of the Team....Rachel.

blue2.gif Sharon is just round the corner from graduating with a DPA at the MIT.

blue2.gif Meanwhile, it seems only like yesterday when two other cousins were in kindergarten and now they are college freshies; Arthur at KC and Sara at INTI . With three young and powerful brains around even Brainiac 5 will have to throw in the towel.

blue3.gif Site of the month

blue2.gif Featuring sites with no questionable contents..including undesirable graphics...... we start with sites editored by at least one member of the, no, not a mafia clan!!!

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral

  • blue3.gif Miscellaneous.

    blue2.gif Football crazy? Not counting School Principals, who isn't? See:

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  • rafile.gifEnglish News. from Radio Vatican.

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  • blue2.gif Need your help/ contribution:
    We are always hungry for news. It's always nice to care about what happen to our kins and our close ones. Please submit to The Editor (e.g. by e-mail) any newsworthy items for publication in the next issue of this Newsletter M5.


    blue_bullet.gif Food Notes.

    (w.r.t. the foregoing time-table)

    1. The food should be suitable for diabetics and people with high blood pressure:
    1.1. Sugar not to be used in the cooking
    1.2.1. Low salt
    1.2.2. Use iodized salt
    1.3. Low cholesterol, i.e. minimize:
    - meat (pork, beef, chicken)
    - squid, prawns
    - yellow of egg
    1.4. More:
    - fish
    - vegetables (pesticide-free)
    - fruits
    2. Rice is not required.
    Already available.
    3. If you cannot make it for a particular day/ meal:
    please exchange your slot with someone else, with ample notice.
    4. Food Containers.
    4.1. Mark your containers
    4.2. Return containers not belonging to you which may have been, inadvertently, taken.
    5. Do not be too late in delivering the food either for lunch or dinner.

    Thank You.

    From P, A, B & G.


  • (i) Please inform the typist regarding any error(s) in this edict.
  • (ii) If you have any grievance(s), please submit said grievance(s) to anyone older than you. If there is no one older than you, do submit it to the youngest.
  • (iii) To acquire a simple leaflet on healthy eating try Health Issues or Healthy Eating... (:-).
    If you imagine yourself to be a gastronomer, visit the, what else, Gastronomy Page.

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    1. A smile costs nothing, but gives much....
    See the
    Quotable Quotes Page for more quotes.





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    Our God Reigns.

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