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There are many useful resources on medical issues available on the net. Here are several of the better ones.

CancerHelp UK

A site which provides cancer information service, specifically designed for the general public.

Hepatitis Haven.

An exemplary site (albeit not maintained by medical professionals) with plenty of information on hepatitis and other liver complaints.

Malaysian Medical Resources.

A good list of what's available under the Malaysian roof. Nice place to start with if you are into Malaysian.


MEDIC: Medical education information center. Medical Resources from University of Texas, Houston. UT-Houston Medical Education Center. Established to assist you in the understanding of your health and a healthy lifestyle. UT-Houston. Health Explorer Information on ...


Search Medscape. May be good place to start searching for medical-related articles. You may also like to subscribe (it's free!) to their online periodical.

Microbial Underground

Collection of websites relating to microbiology, molecular biology and medicine.

Multimedia Medical Reference Libtrary.

Quite a generous volume of medical resources and links.

Southern Medical Journal

Education/CME, Leadership, Medical Links and more.

UK Med W3

Dr. Andrew Herd's exemplary site featuring links and information on medicine on the Web.

UW Bone and Joint Sources.

Bone and Joint programs on the science and clinical aspects of the musculoskeletal system (by University of Washington); topics of interest include Arthritis, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Traumatology, Microvascular Surgery, Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton &c.

"Virtual" Medical Center

A website providing comprehensive resources for dental, medical, pharmaceutical or veterinary topics; produced by the Martindale's Health Science Guide.

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