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Well..this is not exactly news every hour on the hour, although it can be close, if you want it to be.

CNN Interactive

Really classy, constantly updated online news.

Daily Expressnew

The paper version is, arguably, the most popular in Sabah. The electronic version, however, only dwell, in the main, on Sabah news. So, if you want to know what Sabah, only Sabah, and, nothing but Sabah, is up to...

Global news

An alternative news of the world.

Mercury Mail

No need to grumble about the papers getting wet in the early morning rain or decorated with teeth marks by the neighbour's (or your) dog. You may have (electronic) news delivered, at 28.8 kbps via e-mail, by subscribing to NEWSpot, which is maintained by Mercury Mail. It's free and customized according to your preferences.

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