Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are here again. This time in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. of A. commencing on July 19 and lasting until August 4. Whether you are a casual or a serious sports fan, there should be something here for you.

The tradition of the Olympic Games is embodied in the words of the founder of the modern Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin: "The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. The essential thing in life is not winning but fighting well."

The two biggest sites are:

IBM-Official Atlanta Committee Site.

This is the Home Page for the IBM-Official Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. Arguably the best for instant results and statistics.

You may search for results in several ways including: by sport, recent events, recent medals or country. You may dig further for expanded results pages that show even the smallest details of a competition.

> NBC-US Olympic Committee site

If you are into personalities (such as Carlo Lewiso or Marko Spitzo??) ..this site will focus on the big names...no..I am not sure if the magnificent

The Official site:

The Official 1996 Olympic Website

Other good sites are:


Updated summary of the latest.......by Agence France-Presse

. Atlanta Journal-Constitution Site

Includes some good information about Atlanta

Britannica Online Sports

If you're into history, e.g. results from previous olympics..

CNN Olympic Site

A detailed site

Centennial Olympics Home Page

Competitor Online

Dave's Olympic Home Page

An independent home page that has dozens of good links.


The IOC Medical Commission and the fight against doping.

ESPN Sportszone Olympics Site


Files on frequently-asked-questions and links to follow other sites can be found here

First Olympic Games

Athens 1896: the first of the Modern Olympics

Mercury Mail Inc.

Personalized (free) coverage of the Olympic Games delivered direct to your e-mail box

Olympic Movement

Information on the Olympic Movement and the powers-that-be

Olympic Programme

Rules relating to the olympic programme..

Olympic Region Sitemap

Parlez-vous francais?

PointCast Networks

Provides up-to-the-minute results and information

Sports Illustrated Olympics Page

USA Today Olympics Site

Another detailed site

Specialized olympic sites:

HHHorse Site

Specialized site (run by a horse brocker) for equestrian events

Regatta Point Community Sailing Olympics Page

For sailors in dry dock


International football, the world's most popular pastime

Velonews Interactive

Specialty site on cycling

USA Volleyball Site

Yahoo Olympics Directory

Has links to dozens of specialized sites devoted to Olympic sports from basketball to rowing.

Alternative olympic sites:

Olympic National Park

Had too much sports lately? Why not visit the park and get away from it all.


Has links to dozens of specialized sites devoted to Olympic sports from basketball to rowing.

Pickle Olympics.

Andrew Marchand, Pickle Olympic champion, wrote his thoughts down as he prepared to meet the president.