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Some useful pharmacy links on the web

Dr. Alan Polack
told us that Pharmacy is an exact science.
Some of these links may not be quite " exact"...
but for anyone looking for pharmacy- or drug-related issues,
these links should come to some use.

Pharmacy Virtual Library.

A website that includes many pharmacy related internet resources. A simple-looking site by Prof. David Bourne, but it's a good starting point for a wealth of information..

Clinical Pharmacology Links.dlm.gif

Nifty site by Dennis Bashaw, Pharm.D. Topics include Health Info Links, Journals Online, Medical Centers, Organizations, PK/PD/PM Resources, Pharmacy/Nursing C.E. and more.

Clinical Pharmacology Online

...provide timely, concise drug information .... "full" monographs, describing the most common and classic medications in clinical practice, free of charge. Information about investigational, less common, combination, and nutritional products is also available as part of our Online Subscriber Area. ... access to the Subscriber Area, which also provides features such as drug interactions reporting, Edited by Dr Malcolm Partridge.

Drug Information Service

A drug information service provided by the School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland. You may e-mail any burning or pressing question.

Drug Management Program.

A site about efficient use of funds for drugs.

Essential drugs conference

"E-Drug was set up to improve and speed up communication between health professionals in the field of essential drugs...." --Barbara Mintzes, Health Action International Europe


This is not really about bad etiquette or social morons. Actually this site is about the International Network for the Rational Use of Drugs propagating the rational use of drugs among clinicians and the like.

Internet Mental Health

Psychotropic medications including pharmacology, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse effects, overdose, dosage, etc. (from Canadian monographs.)

Lovelace Associates Links for Pharmacists

Links to web sites and pages of interest to the pharmacist, druggist, and other pharmacy personnel. Include categories on Pharmacist's Associations, schools of pharmacy, goverment agencies, pharmaceutical companies, etc...

MADRAC poster_low_res.jpg

Homepage of the Malaysian Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee: ADR reporting first started in 1987; MADRAC established in 1990; Under the Drug Control Authority of Malaysia; Became a member of WHO Drug Reporting Center in 1990......


The current version of MedWeb was created when Steve Foote carrying a piece of chocolate bumped into Andy Kogelnik, eating peanut butter. Ooops sorry, wrong commercial.... Actually MedWeb began when Steve began collecting and cataloging medical links in his spare time in April..

Mortar&Pestle Pharmacy Links

Good array of pharmacy- and drug-related links.

P2-D2: the pharmacist of the future?

In these days of skyrocketing medical costs, health care professionals are constantly looking for more efficient ways to run hospitals. Now, with the advent of a new technology, the prescription for improved pharmacies may be a druggist with a heart of silicon...

Patient Information.

Not information about the patient but rather information for the patient on drug and medicine.

Pediatric Pharmacotherapy.

Provide a brief, referenced, peer-reviewed source of continuing medication information specifically related to children with major focus on initiation and monitoring of medications in the primary care setting. A Monthly Review for Health Care Professionals by the University of Virginia.


For this exciting topic, let us visit the official website of Professor Roger Jelliffe and the Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics, USC..."a resource for optimal study and control of pharmacokinetic systems and for individualized drug therapy."

Pharmacy Life

Links to herbal pharmacy, pharmacy internet chat, medicinal herbs-FAQ, Federation of International Pharmacy and more.

Pharmacy Mail Exchange

Maintained by Paul Hodgkinson of De Monfort University.

Pharmacy Museum.

Welcome to the History of Pharmacy Museum.

Pharmacy On-Linepharm.gif

"Pharmacy On-Line is part of the On-Line series of journals published by Priory Lodge Education Limited. Priory Lodge Limited is the pioneer of medical journal publishing on the Internet, having been publishing peer reviewed medical journals on the Web since 1994. We now have a series that encompasses Anaesthesia, Dentistry, General Practice, Medicine, Psychiatry, and Veterinary Medicine."

Pharmacy Related WWW Sites

Plenty of links to browse through here.

PharmWeb Australia

A new site designed by Mark Dunn, primarily for Australian Pharmacists

Or, you may like to access the original and old but rejuvenated PharmWeb U.K..

Poison Information Center.

In cases of poisoning, rapid treatment is definitely required and correct therapy is indubitably necessary; hence the importance of the easy availability of information regarding poisons to the clinician, healthcare provider or even to the patient himself.

The "poisons" contained in agricultural, household, industrial or veterinary chemicals or in drugs and cosmetics, vary from place to place according to availability and the tastes and preferences of the local consumers. As such, the best poison information center should be the closest one, whether catering for the local area, region, province, state or country; the local poison information center would have given emphasis to the peculiar types of "poisons" that may be contained in the various products and preparations available for use in the local area or region besides the common "poisons" available worldwide.

There are numerous poison information centers or poison centers on the net; hopefully there is one near where you are staying. Check out the following examples available on the web:

Poisonings, Bites and Envenomations

Poisonings, Toxicology, Venoms, Antivenoms, Snake bites, Spiders, Insects, Marine Envenomations; Information and advice for the general public...

Rx List: The Internet Drug Index.

An internet guide for health professionals by Dr. Neil Sandow. Include keyword search: Actions/Interactions/Brands; the top 200 - '95, '96; daily www stats; mini-survey; RxList-ID: Search by Imprint Codes; RxLaughs - weekly comix...

Rx Update

Pharmacotherapy Evaluation: service provided by the Department of Pharmaceutical Care, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Virtual Library Pharmacy

Include Pharmacy Schools on the WWW, Community Pharmacy Pages, Pharmaceutical Companies, Associations, Journals and Books, Government WWW Sites, Jobs and Pharmacy, Databases on the WWW, Pharmacy Listservs, News Groups and more.

mp.gif World Wide Drugs

Useful collection of links to pharmacy sites mainly aimed towards the practising pharmacist but, mayhap, of interest to potential patients as well.

Clinical Pearl

A rude and grouchy healthcare provider is more likely to worsen the ailment of the patient. Likewise, a cantankerous patient will not make things easy for anyone. With such creatures, a clinical pearl may be of some help.




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