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The Official Susan Bailey Home Page. me.gif

I am a Catholic singer/songwriter/recording artist dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus through the music He has entrusted to me. The Lord is my life, and the Church is His gift to us, His children. This faith, so rich in love, joy, peace, and fulfillment is out there, and deep in our hearts, for the taking. I hope that my music will ...


David Bryan Homepage

Homepage of a performer and a songwriter; and a composer of Catholic contemporary music.

cedric.gif Father Cedric's Web Site.

A Passionist Priest's Website which include topics, upcoming campaigns, prayer, the Passionist Community, vocations, sermon on the amount, inspiration &c.
(Link submitted per kind courtesy of Donald Gandolfi.)

Christina Covarrubias Homepage

A site for exploring authentic Catholic Christianity, with homeschooling links, a long list of Catholic links, and children's links and worship.

Emmett's Homepage.

Erstwhile Apollo13 Homepage. Depeche Mode goodies and links including John Paul II, Catholic Links, "The Catholic Goldmine" Presentation Ministries (features an incredible daily scriptural reflection), Opus Dei, Pope John Paul II Institute and This Rock Magazine. Homepage of Emmett Clark, Seminarian.

Welcome to Karen's Place: Home of the New Kid on the Block

"As you've probably guessed, this is my first attempt at a web page. What I've done is put together a list of sites that I've found particularly useful as a wife, mother, student, future teacher and Catholic Christian. Be sure to check out my Kids Links..."

...the endless website of Kathleen...

Topics include "Catholicism: Why you should embrace it; Homeschooling: Not for the faint of heart, but maybe for you; Deafness and related topics; Special Needs Kids; Funny, yet clean? It is possible!.."

Ed LoPresti's Home Page

An interesting homepage..the webmaster is a graduate student in Bioengineering and a Catholic with an intriguing sense of humor. Is he a Jew, a Catholic Priest, a worshipper of Cthullu..? Whatever he is (not?), his page on Saints' Biographies must be visited!

Father Daniel Meynen's Site.

Un prêtre catholique à votre service (A Catholic priest at your service). Welcome to the site of Father Daniel Meynen ministering in the diocese of Namur, Belgium. For netizens, a weekly homily service is provided. You may have it in English or en Français.

David Mitchell's Homepage.

A catholic Computer Scientist says: To start with you may want to know why do I believe in God and why do I belong to the Catholic church. The first is the simpler to answer. My journey to faith. God is here and I know it through experiences and people...

Don and Edith Morales

Homepage, of a Filipino Catholic family residing in Bahrain, including a Prayers Corner, Rules For A Happy Marriage, a monthly feature and the Couples for Christ Covenant.The Couples for Christ (CfC) is a Catholic Charismatic group which originated in 1981 as a prayer group of less than twenty couples...has now expanded to 24 countries worldwide with over a hundred thousand couples and over ninety thousand other members from it's outreach ministries.

Rob Minchin's Home Page.rob.gif

Rob is a physics undergraduate at Durham University. His nice homepage includes hobbies and interests, musical interests, collection of Irish music links, favourite artists, religious links and more.

Nancy's Website

Welcome to my Website! I decided to create a website to share with one and all my Faith, my Professional and Personal Interests, and my sense of FUN! Basically, this site is a launching point to links to many.....

Thinking Catholic.

Some personal views of a Catholic mother of four on what being a Catholic means in everyday life. Website by Shirley Vaughan from Australia.

gary6.gif width=100 height=100 Father Gary Ziuraitis Connections

A new site, by a Catholic priest, for exploring authentic Catholic Christianity, with homeschooling links, a long list of Catholic links, and children's links and worship.

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