Quotable Quotes.


Quotable Quotes.


A smile costs nothing, but gives much.

- Anon.

An effort is "troublesome" only when you are bored. If you enjoy the end product of what you are doing, no labour is too wearisome.

- Sydney Harris.

Don't brood, give.

- Imre Kozma

Experience proves that most time is wasted, not in hours but in minutes. A bucket with a small hole in the bottom gets just as empty as a bucket that is deliberately kicked over.

- Paul Mayer

Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on us.

- St. Philip Neri.

Proverbs teaches that one cannot be successful who is not also disciplined in mind and body.

- Dr. Jerry White.

Study as if you were to live for ever; live as if you were to die tomorrow.

- St Edmund of Abingdon.

..wake up and get going, because (you) will have one less (day) in which to do things - and there are ten million things waiting to be done.

- (modified from) William Kirkland.

..we have to justify ourselves each day of our lives.

- (modified from) F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We must use time as a tool, not as a couch..new2.gif

- John F. Kennedy.

What is charity?

It is silence - when your words would hurt.
It is patience - when your neighbour is curt.
It is deafness - when a scandal flows.
It is thoughtfulness - for others' woes.
It is promptness - when duty calls.
It is courage - when misfortune falls.

- Anon.

When work is a pleasure, life is joy.
... When work is a duty, life is slavery.

- Maxim Gorky. (The Lower Depths.)

Words can hurt. Words can heal. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we pay attention to our words.new2.gif

- Tim Stafford.


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