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This is a page about some of the more interesting places to travel to as a visitor/ tourist.


Mt. Kinabalu, at 13,455 ft., is the highest mountain in South East Asia.

When HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, made his first visit to Sabah on 1 March, 1959, he described the then Colony of North Borneo as the most peaceful place in the world. Not many will agree with that description now, but it is still one of the beautiful places to visit.

But what would a yankee think about Sabah?

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Historical City of Malacca...first discovered by Parameswara, a Sumatran prince on the run.... back some 500 years ago,..Malacca grew in importance attracting traders from far away as Europe and South America. In 1511, the Portuguese attacked the Sultanate and captured...

Alor Setar.

Alor Setar (the "Star City") is the capital of the State of Kedah Darul Aman, one of the 13 States of the Federation of Malaysia. Kedah is called the "rice bowl of Malaysia" Darul Aman stands for "the Land of Peace.".


When you have done with mainland Kedah, Langkawi Island is a popular tourist spot for foreigners and locals alike. It is about an hour away, by ferry, from the mainland depending on where you board the ferry.


Penang Island is a state neighbouring Kedah. Via the highway, it is 1.5 to 2 hours away from Alor Setar, assuming you do not believe in turning into a veritable criminal (e.g. by travelling faster than the 110 kph speed limit).


Tasmania: the Apple Isle.

This land, of the Tasmanian Tiger and the Tasmanian Devil, is the smallest, and the only island, of the 7 States comprising the Commonwealth of Australia. Tasmania is roughly the size of Sabah in land area.

No. I am not the Tasmanian Tiger. At least, I don't think so!?

And have you heard of the 43,000-year-old-Tasmanian?'s not Rip Vandeaman Winkle!!


Capital of the State of Victoria in Australia. Said to be "the most Livable City in the World."


Famous for the Victoria University of Manchester; Eric Cantona, Karel Probosky, and Manchester United; and, not to forget, Manchester City FC.

Other truly fascinating places for the visitor:


Baguio City, Tagaytay (which has a huge lake which is also the crater of an extinct (?) volcano) and Pangsajan Falls (or, at least, the journey to get there) are three of the places you should not miss if you decide to visit Pilipinas.


Jaipur is called the Pink City because all the buildings are made from "pink" materials. Check out the fantabulous palace.

Kathmandu and surroundings

Kathmandu and the rest of Nepal's verily a different world altogether. The land of the fearless Gurkhas. The everlasting Himalayas and Mt. Everest itself.

Well, I do hope you have found at least a few things interesting and/ or useful in this Homepage;....if not a giggle, perhaps, at least, a smile when viewing one or two of the not-so-serious pages in this website? Thanks for coming this far with me.

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