White Page Directories.

Do you wish to look for somebody on the net?Wondering if a long-lost friend has an e-mail address? He may have a personal homepage? Perhaps his telephone number is on the net somewhere?

There are quite a number of white page directories on the web. Here are some good ones:

Four11 White Page Directory.

One of the best..tho' it's getting slowed down by the massive volume of new listings added everyday.

Linkstar Internet Directory

Neat and tidy one for homepage or e-mail directory. Searchable also by topics, place, etc. Very flexible.

Netscape Destinations: People

Netscape's own.


Net.citizen Directory Service. It sort of smiles at you.

Personal Home Page Directories

A simple homepage and e-mail directory categorised by country.

Caution: check your details carefully before submitting them for entry into their database. It will take well over a month for a mistake to be rectified, after a request for correction is made. Limited number of entries at the moment.

Telekom Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Listing of telephone subscribers to TMSB. Just launched on 21.7.96. Limited only to the K.L. area at the moment.

WhoWhere? Email (& Personal URL) Addresses

Another good one.

World Alumni Net Team

Seek thine alma mater and thine old classmates: listed by place of study but, unfortunately, not field of study.