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Cyber Patrol

Protect your children, and yourself, from the horrors (pornography, perversion, filth, call it what you like) of the Internet. Cyber Patrol is an excellent application. It can also be useful in keeping your phone bills low.


A collection of links which serve as testament to the breadth and depth of the contribution to human wisdom by Albert Einstein.

In Tech.

Welcome to In-tech Online. Some useful computer-related news updated every Tuesday from one of Malaysia's top paper...if you don't have access to the complete paper version.

Joan's Educational Links.

Educational resources for educators, students and others. Rich supply of educational materials in the links of Joan's Homepage.

Nine Planets.

One of the best netsite on astronomy and space science. Includes hundreds of pictures, acres of facts, even sound samples.

On the cover, in large, friendly letters, the book said "Don't Panic!"

- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Nobel Prize Internet Archive.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive contains up-to-date information of all latest and past Nobel Prize laureates. The Nobel Prize Archive is fully interactive.


Want to send somebody a greeting card? Have a look at Warner Brothers Loony Tunes Web Card.

Or you may prefer to go to the Hitchhikers Electronic Greeting Card Center.


Wondering where to go for a holiday. Thousands of commercial sites for you to browse through in the net or... you may like to see what the webmaster has to say.


Got a virus problem..check the Anti-Virus Resources at this site.

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