The Tasmanian Tiger

My next thesis is on "The fair-dinkum look of the Tasmanian Tiger... Unmasked!" (just kidding).

Actually, this dissertation, which has been accepted, as part fulfilment for the degree of Sc.D., by the university mentioned elsewhere, is an expose', if you believe it, of what the Tasmanian Tiger may (or may not), look like.

Read on, peruse, cogitate, ponder freely but with gay abandon.....and/ but make up your own mind. please!

Disclaimer on the ultrahigh-resolution photographs below= any resemblance, to any man, mouse or potoruse* , whether residing in Tasmania or elsewhere on this planet, could be coincidental and (purely and, ipso facto, justifiably) unintentional, and should not be taken any more than seriously.

*correct spelling, of this other Tasmanian living fossil, from the mesenteric?../ mesolithic age, is not guaranteed for the next 6 months

This quadrapedal foot imprint collected by the Master Zoologist Emeritus from the Sandy Bay University of Wild Sciences was the last known physical evidence in support of his (disputed) claim that the Tasmanian Tiger may not be extinct (yet)!

A cold-blooded pretender to the throne.

Footnote: According to borojonic folklore, the Tasmanian Tiger, and not the lion, is the King of the Jungle; or, at least, the Tasmanian Jungle. As such, to be scientifically classified as a Tasmanian Tiger may result in a significant quantum leap to a higher plane within the existing social strata.

What Mrs. Skizak, of Gormanston, saw over her neighbour's fence yesterday evening.

This one possess one or two characteristics relevant to the common perception of a tiger; albeit, not necessarily a tasmanian one at that. Furthermore, this one claims the ability* to communicate with homo sapiens, or, at least, with Jon.

*which ability even some homo sapiens do not have.

Mr. W. Gummitch, an up&coming Derwent Valley organic farmer, submitted this photograph, which he took last night from behind his barn. No. He insisted that he never touch the stuff last night.

This one was rather cold to the suggestion that he/ she may not be it.

This specimen was considered to be too huge and dangerous; as such it agreed to be put on a page* by itself.


N.B. The next one is a late-entry and may not, yet, qualify for inclusion in the final judgement:

At least a dozen times a day, his mother is sorely tempted to think that he is one; tho' at times she just want to give him a cuddle.

He is also known to frequent the company of a tigerlike creature which exist incognito as Hobbes. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a satisfactory digital photograph of this other "thing"; our failure to do so may be attributable to Monsieur Hobbes' known hyperincognitoness.

No promise here, but there is no harm... to watch

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