The WGH Experience.

Or Al, the vine and how to get to work on time.

Almost a quarter of a century ago,.....
Yes, I am practically a dinosaur..and must Alan be, for that matter,
mais, n'ayez pas peur,... age is all in the mind, at least that Dr. Freud(?) would want us to believe..

.....I was doing my pharmacy internship in a place called Footscray
Did they ever win the Premiership? I don't know. I forgot what Alan told me.

.....Alan, fresh out of VCP and sparkling to boot, quickly sized up the situation in his first encounter with an alien, and with his superb intelligence and most perceptive mind, decided to throw me some incisive questions,...
sort of an IQ (or EQ?) test...
A book to match the girth of Tolstoy's War and Peace could be produced, if Alan's anthropological work on me could be written. However, for now, let's just dwell on one or two exchanges beween the Researcher and the Researchee

Assuming, perhaps correctly, that, in the island of Borneo, communications would be primitive or, at best, rudimentary, he asked:
"After you've returned home, would you able to get to work on time everyday?"
Well, that was a penetrating and, yet, fair question, indeed. As far as I could remember we did not have Melbourne Trams or Alan Mofatts in The Island. So, in a flash (must be all that bananas), I knew that an innocent question demands an honest answer...

"Oh, no problem in The Island usually starts at 8. So, as long as I finish my bananas early, and catch the 7 o'clock vine, the Chief should have no grounds to sack me or pickle me for his weekly feast.

jungle scene
Jungle Scene.
Time: 7.01 am local time.
Vine, in question, not captured on camera
as it had just whooshed pass.
I think I was late for work on that day,
(I was too long in the bathroom..
see large~ ca. half-acre ~bathtub in the foreground of picture...
bathtub sometimes shared with the crocs)
but so was the Chief.

Well, that was then. All in all, Al was a great guy and a great friend and we had some fantastic exchanges.... As Arthur Grimble would say, it was a memorable experience. If only I have the doggedness of a Leo Tolstoy or the singlemindedness of an Isaac Asimov...... I lost contact with Al after he got hitched, ca. 1984.

Anyway, Al, if you ever get to read this,..... in this strange and far-off-land, we have improved a full 100% (albeit, not a la MJMoroney). The vine no longer comes everyhouronthehour, it now comes every 30 minutes, give or take a couple of seconds. long as I catch the 7.30 vine....ain't no worry, mate.

some see the trees..

bigsmile This page and the WGH Page are dedicated to all those who complained to me, over the past milleneum, that there is nothing written about the webmaster in this homepage, which, they opined, was criminal...... Now let them complain about information overload.. :-)

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