I was attached to WGH for a short span in my life.

WGH officially stands for Western General Hospital and was located in Footscray. Footscray (No. Not Footscary! ole chap... Not for me anyway... although there were some who questioned my sanity in daring to stay in a "not-so-safe"(?) part of suburbia....)...Footscray had a higher than average concentration of Caucasians of southern continental origins. Nonetheless, WGH was perhaps the best General Hospital in the Southern Hemisphere at that time, or so they say.

However, some anglo-saxons in this suburb disagree with officialdom. I was told, by a jovial and full-blooded Aussie of an acquaintance, with an semi-permanent and infectious smile on his lips, what WGH really stands for...and this is what, in his laconic voice, he insisted it stood for:

"WGH stands for Wogs Go Home."

"Oh", I remarked. "Does that include me?"

"Oh no! You are not a wog. You are not even a greaser. You are a chink!.."

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